'Repair West Shore Road' Petitions Mangano

Oyster Bay group wants tighter deadline for repair of destroyed road.

West Shore Road travelers are petitioning Ed Mangano to scrap the current repair plans for the destroyed roadway and replace it with a quicker one.

Calling the projected nine-month closure of the road "unacceptable," the Repair West Shore Road group has gained nearly 700 signatures on an online petition to be forwarded to the Nassau County Executive's office.

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"Similar damage, and worse, has been repaired in many other instances significantly faster," the group wrote. "The fact that the greatly damaged Ocean Parkway will reopen within 180 days clearly demonstrates that such repairs are possible."

According to Newsday, the state will receive proposals by Friday for the Ocean Parkway project from several interested firms and award the contract to one of them as soon as Saturday.

The original plan for West Shore Road would span 18 months while keeping the road open and passable, according to the petition. Though the new plan would cut repair time in half, it would also completely close the roadway, one of just two main roads in and out of Bayville.

"We, the undersigned, therefore demand that this untenable schedule be abandoned, that the contractor be replaced and/or supplemented with additional contractors if necessary, and that West Shore Road be repaired immediately and reopened as soon as possible," wrote the petitioners.

Mangano announced the order for an emergency repair that "finalizes construction plans, orders materials and allows road crews to begin construction once materials arrive."

“Reconstruction of West Shore Road will soon be underway as I issued an Emergency Order to jumpstart the project," said Mangano in the statement. "This roadway is part of the critical infrastructure that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy."

Repair West Shore Road isn't the only group taking issue with the plans.

Committee for a Safe West Shore Road, who has long been advocating for four-foot shoulders and pedestrian paths along the road, have posted articles on their Facebook page noting the lack of plans for added safety measures in the reconstruction. Before the storm, the group had also advocated tearing down hedges that obscure visibility along the road.

In a letter to followers, the committee told residents to contact local lawmakers and "explain how inconvenient and hazardous West Shore Road currently is, and ask them to fund the overhaul of the road complete with the federal-standard SIDEWALK and 4-FOOT SHOULDERS. Mention how West Shore Road has an average daily traffic rate of over 10,000 vehicles per day, with an Accident Rate 400% greater than the New York State average."

as December 05, 2012 at 12:51 AM
there is no way west shore road has over 10k vehicles per day


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