Officials: Danger Not Gone in TOBAY

As cleanup continues, residents should still be wary of downed lines, debris.

Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Sandy toppled trees and literally knocked Long Island's lights out, Town of Oyster Bay officials are telling residents not to let their guards down just yet.

"We're still with power outages and we're still busy," said TOBAY Department of Public Works Commissioner Justin McCaffrey.

As cleanup efforts continue gathering debris from streets and homes, the Town's emergency center, whose phone banks continue to run out of the DPW, is fielding questions about much more than toppled trees.

Town residents have called the center asking for updates on LIPA and FEMA efforts when calling them directly has proven difficult.

"The biggest complaints we've gotten are about LIPA, FEMA… and that they wish they'd see more representation out there," said McCaffrey, adding that the gas crisis has also been a common concern.

"LIPA is reenergizing power lines so what was a dead line yesterday could be a live one today," said McCaffrey, urging residents to continue to use caution around any and all power lines.

Though electricity -- or lack thereof -- has been a major source of complaints and concern, other factors have come into play.

"We're worrying about carbon monoxide from the generators people have," said McCaffrey, adding, "And most roads are passable, but the danger is still there."

Town crews have created pathways on all roads and now efforts have turned to fully clearing them, he said.

Food, water, and clothing distribution have continued and some Town employees have taken to going door to door handing out essentials in the south shore's hardest hit areas, said McCaffrey.

Up next is getting representatives from FEMA to have a constant presence in Town facilities, McCaffrey said.

"We're still saying 'if you can get it to the curb, we'll take it away,'" said McCaffrey of sanitation and household cleanup efforts.

The Town's emergency center can still be reached at (516) 677-5757 where officials can personally help with concerns or attempt to dispatch crews that can.

Stefanie November 10, 2012 at 01:44 PM
I called the nimber to report a large tree leaning on wires This is directly over a sidewalk on a corner where many residents pass to go to school bus stops or walk to worship TOB can only help with trees that are by curb. If problem tree is from homeowner property then you need to get private person to take care of tree. Furthermore trees that are leaning on wires need LIPA to be involved. The very nice TOB person I spoke to could not help this situation. I asked if TOB was reporting these problems to LIPA and she said they were trying but didn't have a real system to do so and I would need to contact LIPA directly. LIPA should be working with TOB to collect info. Once a dangerous situation is reported to local government, government should be able to take some responsibility, especially in contacting a utility. I hope this tree does not fall down on anyone. It is hard to be aware of it as there is no caution tape. This problem is at the corner of Acorn Lane and South Oaks Blvd in Plainview. TOB is going to send a crew to look at this, clean debris from other fallen trees (their trees) on corner that is creating a driving hazard. I also reported s broken streetlamp on corner of Stratford and Darley Road.
unknownauthor November 10, 2012 at 03:28 PM
Can ANYONE out there give info about Old Bethpage, specifically Serpentine Lane?? There have been no crews, no sign of a truck, or utility worker. There are elderly there in a fully compromised positions, in addition to many children. They are lost, both figuratively and literally!!
Cosmo November 10, 2012 at 04:19 PM
Our elected officials have been a disappointment. Nobody has been there to help us. Bad information and passing the buck and blame has been the norm. The mayor if Massapequa park looked out for his residents getting power and dedicated police, while the rest of us got none.
Cathy November 10, 2012 at 09:07 PM
Not to sure it was the Mayor of Massapequa Park looking out for his residents. No offense to him. It depends how hard you were hit. My family in Mass Pk lost power for 2 days because only 1 huge tree came down on her block involving wires. Very lucky
Rocker November 10, 2012 at 09:15 PM
Cathy the mayor has worked non stop to get the power turned back on.. Been on countless calls with LIPA the governors office ans many more.. The whole board and administration has not slept in days working on the whole village.. We should all be thankful that we lost only our electric.. Some people lost everything.


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