Oyster Bay Dinner Honors Relief Team

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team came to help with Sandy relief.

The North Shore Community Church held a dinner for 25 Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team workers from around the country.

The team, whose members traveled from upstate New York, Kentucky, and Illinois, arrived on Long Island to help residents whose homes were flooded or damaged by trees during Hurricane Sandy.

"They are so warm and caring and just open their hearts to others," said Leg. Judy Jacobs, D-Woodbury, who attended the dinner with her daughter, Linda Jacobs-Geller, and granddaughter Sydney.

Also in attendance were Oyster Bay Chamber of Commerce members Michelle Browner and Alex Gallego, both of whom said they were in awe of the room filled with love.

“The graciousness of the people left me speechless...This was one of those moments in your life which you will never forget," said Jacobs.


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